Böcker och andra källor

Denna lista byggs på varefter nya artiklar publiceras

“Scandinavians and South Africa”

Alan H. Winquist

A.A. Balkema, Cape Town, 1978


“Narrative of the Shipwreck of the French Vessel the Eole, on the coast of Kaffraria in April 1829”

C.E. Boniface, translated from French by D.J. Culpin

Published by the National Library of South Africa, 2012.


“A visit to Cape Town in 1838”

Henry Tracey

Published by Friends of the Library, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg



”Minnen från en flerårig vistelse I Sydvästra Afrika”

Kapten T.G. Een

Stockholm, Ivar Häggströms Boktryckeri, 1872


“The Mount Nelson”

Eric H. Bolsman

HAUM Publishers,

Cape Town/Pretoria 1978


“A Tavern of the Ocean”

P.W.Laidler, F.S.A. (Scot.)

Maskew Miller Ltd. Cape Town


“Adventure in South West Africa 1894-1898”

Eberhard Rosenblad

Edited from the original Swedish edition

By Ione & Jalmar Rudner

Namibia Scientific Society 2007


“Life at the Cape a hundred years ago”

by a Lady

C. Struik/ Cape Town 1963


“Early railways at the Cape”

Jose Burman

Human & Rousseau

Cape Town 1984


“Letters from the Cape”

Lady Duff Gordon

Humphrey Milford

London 1921


”Handelsfursten av Damaraland

Axel Eriksson: en svensk pionjär i södra Afrika”

Peter Johansson

Carlsson 2001


”Tankards & Tradition”

Eric Rosenthal

Howard Timmins

Cape Town 1961


“Portrait of Cape Town”

Joy Collier

Longmans 1961


“Paradise, the Castle and the Vineyard”

Lady Anne Barnard’s Cape Diaries

Edited by Margaret Lenta

Wits University Press

Johannesburg 2006


“Stamps & Stories”

Condwana Collection Namibia

Windhoek 2012


“District Six”

The Spirit of Kanala

Chris Schoeman

Human & Rousseau

Cape Town 1993


“Tavern of the Seas”

Lawrence G. Green

Howard Timmins

Cape Town 1975



Christer Blomstrand

Sveriges Släktforskarförbund

Stockholm 2007


“Two Early Maps of Southern Africa

A discovery in Sweden”

Christer Blomstrand

Macmillan Namibia

Windhoek 2008



Brev och bilder från Angola


Carl Edward Berghs samlingar

Gert Aspelin, Kivik